NFL Wild Card Weekend Day 1

Teams decided good old hard nosed football is back in style and I for one am glad. If you aren’t, don’t worry next round will have the Chiefs, Saints, and Rams back. The Defensive Era was short lived. The Colts went on the road to defeat the Texans 21-7 and the Cowboys took care of business at home against the Seahawks 24-22. A few thoughts on each game: Colts vs. Texans– I feel bad for Andrew Luck, one day soon he will have the ability to take over games and destroy defenses with his arm but for now he is still young and the injury didn’t help. He could overcome those problems with a good enough team, but as hot as the Colts are (10 out of their last 11) they aren’t good enough yet. In fact their best bet may be to ride Marlon Mack past Kansas City. For the Texans they should be worried. The defense is getting older and the team still can’t win anything in the Postseason. Maybe Keke Coutee can be a solid receiver across from Hopkins? Seahawks vs. Cowboys– The Cowboys got great performances from Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper. The defense stifled the number one rushing offense. we won’t talk about the injury other then to say good luck to Allen Hurns. Dak had a gritty performance, but was a little inconsistent at times. He needs to fix that before Los Angeles. The Seahawks should be content as most experts had them finishing at or below .500. Pete Carrol Doesn’t get enough credit for leading that team to the postseason every year. I still don’t understand why they didn’t throw more. Tomorrow the Chargers travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens and the Eagles travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.

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