NFL Wild Card Weekend Day 2

More great defense and I hope Cody Parkey makes it home safely. Both road teams won today as the Chargers beat the Ravens 23-17 and the Eagles beat the Bears 16-15. Chargers Vs. Ravens– This game was quickly forgotten about and for good reason. However, I think it will matter more in the long run than the other game. The Chargers defense took control early by capitalizing on Ravens miscues and keeping Lamer Jackson hemmed in. The offense did just enough, but should be concerned about having to settle for so many Field Goals. Tom Brady is not going to let Field Goals beat him. The Chargers aren’t a fluke, this team won 12 games and is lead by an incredible veteran Quarterback. He is surrounded by decent weapons and a strong run game. New England has looked sloppy this year, a Chargers win would hardly be an upset at this point. The Ravens have some soul searching to do. On one hand they switched to the more exciting younger QB and caught fire to get into the Playoffs (bringing back shades of the other Harbaugh). However on the other hand, the Chargers showed a pretty solid blueprint for stopping Jackson to the rest of the league. Sticking with Jackson was a gutsy decision by Harbaugh and it almost won them the game, but it will be up to the coaching staff to find more creative schemes for this offense next year. Bears VS. Eagles– Another slugfest, and this one ended with a bang. Both defenses came to play and it was only 10-6 going into the 4th. Nick Foles shocked the Football world again with a last minute touchdown and Cody Parkey missed a Field Goal from 43 yards out to lose the game. The Bears are back, this team has an incredibly solid nucleus and as Trubisky matures they will only get better. Parkey hit 3 FGs prior to his miss, all of them within 40 yards. The Bears got into Eagles territory but struggled to finish. The Eagles magic continues as they ride into New Orleans. With the Ravens out of the playoffs they won’t face a defense harder than the Bears. Foles struggled on a couple of decisions and throws. They don’t look like last year’s team, but only the Football gods know for sure.   An unrelated sports note from today; The Minnesota Timberwolves fired Coach and President Tom Thibodeau- Probably a good move, the Butler situation was a fiasco and the team has not improved enough defensively during his tenure.

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