What this blog is all about.

When I set out to write a sports blog, I considered what my goal was. Did I want to provide breaking news? Was I looking to entertain? I struggled with picking which sport I wanted to cover. In the end I chose to cover a few of the main sports, or at least the ones I am interested in. Today I might write a post about the NFL, but tomorrow might be about hockey. If you are looking for an expert or for an entertainer I’m not the right person. If you are looking for someone organized or a blog that follows logical progression then go back to Google and try again. Instead I promise to just post my thoughts on current sports. My thoughts about the big game or the new rule change. I love Football, Baseball, and Basketball. I have recently become more interested in European Soccer. If you haven’t figured this out yet, this is going to be like my life, I am totally going to wing it.

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