Super Bowl LIII Preview

One day Tom Brady’s career will end. Lebron James will say goodbye. Mike Trout will have a last at-bat. When those days come, I hope to be able to say I watched them. I really watched them, I tuned in from January to December and watched the greatest go to work. Some players are great because of a single moment, while others put up gaudy stats over a long career. The greatest ever in the sports of football and basketball separate themselves with wins. It is simply what they do, and we learn to accept it, even expect it. Jordan’s flu game, Brady down 28-3, Lebron taking down a 73 win Warriors squad. We know it must end, it always does. No one is undefeated, except time. However, a small part of us believes it will never end, that maybe this time he will play forever. Because just when the signs start to show, just when the great plays come only in bursts, it is then that they rise up and shock us again. There are some who seem so addicted to winning we just can’t imagine them doing anything else. Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan. They came to play every day, even when their fans and coaches were already looking towards the playoffs they kept coming. Maybe that is how you have the opportunity to put up career playoff numbers that are as good as a full career. For Brady, he is over ten thousand yards, over 70 TDs, and sitting at 29 wins. In the Super Bowl, he has thrown for over 2,500 yards and 18 TDs. He will enter his 9th and go for his 6th, but he is up against quite the task. Suh and Donald will come and they will keep coming. McVay will take some early shots to test New England’s secondary. This is not a team that is going to bend to the legend. They have played great football all year and they will play another great game on Sunday. The Rams will have to discover quickly how they plan to run, because you assume one RB will have the hotter hand. Too often in the last few years we have watched a great young team lead by a brilliant coach and a talented QB and we declare them the next dynasty. I don’t know about a dynasty for a Rams, but I see a team that will show up every year for a good number of years. There are so many storylines and so many things to watch. Will Brandin Cooks ball out against his old team? Will Gronk be more involved? The real game will be between the vaunted Rams defensive line and the steady and calm Pats o-line. Brady needs protection obviously, but they also need to set up the run to control the game. The chess match between Belichick and McVay will be incredible, but I can’t see the Patriots losing two Super Bowls in a row. Pick- Pats 31-24 MVP: Tom Brady.

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