Super Bowl LIII Recap

17 years ago, the Patriots held “The Greatest Show on Turf” to 17 points. Tonight it all came full circle. Yes, Tom Brady has ring number six and Gronk may be retiring, but the story belongs to one man. William Stephen Belichick is a genius. A mastermind of the NFL defense, the architect of a sixty minute strangle hold on the Rams offense. The Patriots held the Rams to 62 yards of rushing, and under 200 yards of passing. They disguised pressure, they brought twists and stunts, and they went all out when called for. The Patriots don’t have a Brady on defense, nor do they have a Suh or Donald. They have 15-20 players who have brought into the system, into the “Patriots way.” Tonight, it took big performances from all of them, from Stephon Gilmore to John Simon. Brian Flores deserves much of the credit, and his hire is well deserved. However, the Patriots are so frustratingly good because of their leadership and consistency. They won 11 games when Brady missed the ’08 season with an ACL tear, and they won 3 of 4 during the “Deflategate” suspension. Players come and go, and coordinators come and go, and Belichick stays and wins. The Rams will be around, maybe they will come back next year and go one step further. It only took Sean McVay two years to prove to the NFL that he was it’s future. Offensive masterminds are the future, each rule change seems to favor offenses. Quarterbacks throw 5,000 yard seasons with regularity. Football is an increasingly offensive game, but there is a 66 year old defensive specialist who isn’t ready to concede just yet.

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