The longest time of the year

The confetti falls and the Super Bowl Champions are crowned. The fans of the other 31 franchises sink back into the couch. Sure, we can recap the terrible game or bemoan the Patriots seemingly never ending reign, but does that really do it? Will that fill the empty hole left by an abrupt end to the football season. NBA and NHL fans will be quick to point out that other sports are going on. They are right of course, but the NBA will wait for us until the playoffs and are we really going to start getting to know the NHL now? Maybe it is just laziness or wanting to be depressed. It is as though enjoying sports after the NFL season is over, is somehow sacrilegious. Eventually, football will come back. College will start in August and the pros in September. The NBA playoffs and finals will carry us through May and June. Baseball with its eternal hope will bloom in the Spring. For some, NFL is where it’s at and where they will stay. They will tune into the combine and draft. They will enjoy every rumor that swirls during free agency, but who are they fooling? Like an addict, The football is what they crave and nothing else will satiate instead of it. Luckily, for them time will keep going and September will roll around. We will hear the inevitable questions about a Browns resurgence or a Patriots downfall. Training Camps and O.T.As will be the first sign. Preseason games will torture us for a month and then it will be the first week. The fantasy teams will be drafted, the players declared at 100%. Every team from the Cardinals to the Saints will have a 0-0 record. That Sunday will come and will be followed by months of glorious football. On that Sunday, the chances of a Super Bowl are for everyone. That Sunday is on its way, but for now we grab a beer and wait.

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