Mo Problems

Nothing in life is perfect, most things aren’t even close. Everyone has their favorite sport and sometimes they over glorify it. Sports is like school, you and your friends complain about it all the time, but you wouldn’t let anyone else dare say a bad word about it. Maybe, that’s just my experience, but either way no one wants to hear criticism from outsiders. So, today I’m going to criticize the three major American sports (sorry NHL fans, or well not really). Let us start with the only one of the three currently in session. The NBA is a compelling league with superstars from coast to coast. The MVP race is between three or four players who do incredible things every night. Only 4 or 5 teams are out of the race for a playoff spot. The bad news is, no one cares. The NBA has a few huge problems. Number one is the Warriors. Yes, everyone lies about their hatred for dynasties or at least isn’t honest about how much they like to watch them. The problem is the NBA has had the same Finals matchup for four years in a row. The problem is half the teams make the playoffs. The problem is any fan who is even slightly a realist, can’t have legitimate championship aspirations. The good news is this can not last, the Warriors will disband and Lebron will retire. The league should breath a sigh of relief and then find a way to keep superstars away from each other. Or at least find a way to keep some form of hope for the other 31 teams. That’s enough ranting, lets move onto football. The NFL is still the king of American sports. A bad Super Bowl doesn’t change that. The League needs to find a way to keep star players healthier. A league that can’t field its best talent isn’t much of a league. The problem is my second complaint runs into my first, it would be about the dominance of offenses. Of course, everyone is going to be talking about how boring the defensive Super Bowl was, but we seem headed in the direction of 55-51 games becoming the norm. Fans want more offense, but too much of a good thing won’t help. Obviously the two complaints clash with one another. The third one is more of a concern about ratings. The NFL took back some of its ratings from a horrible 2017, but the Super Bowl has been declining for years even though this year featured Boston and LA. The last of the three sports is the National Pastime. There are so many issues its hard to narrow it down. First, appeal to young people. I don’t care how, find a way. Old people die its kinda what they do, you need a solid young fan base. Second, forget the National market. Focus on local ratings, like an election get out there and convince the wonderful people of Oakland why they should tune into A’s baseball. Third goes back to one, let children in for cheaper. Every baseball fan today can tell you their first time seeing the ball field as a kid. Its romantic and you aren’t going to fall in love with something you won’t see. Also, for crying out loud, make the Playoff games earlier so children can watch them!

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