Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy is just a part of the baseball landscape. Not seeing him in the Giants’ dugout in 2020 will be just plain strange. Even non-baseball fans have seen his mug drenched in champagne as the Giants celebrated another World Series. He even looks like the stereotypical coach. He seems gruff and too serious about his job. It doesn’t surprise us to hear his father was in the army, and it probably wouldn’t be too surprising if he was Bill Belichick’s long-lost brother. Bochy is serious about winning which is good because his team has done it quite frequently. Bochy is 11th all-time with 1926 wins. If the Giants win 83 games this year he will move past Leo Durocher and take sole possession of tenth place as he retires. Bochy will remain in the game, but the longest tenured manager will not be in the dugout. Bochy began his managing career right after his playing career ended. He played as a catcher for 9 years, retired, and went on to manage the in the minors for 4 seasons. He managed the Padres for 12 seasons and came out with a losing record but made the playoffs 4 times (The Padres have only made it 5 times in almost 50 years). He took over for the Giants, and after two losing seasons turned the team around. In 2010, 2012, and 2014 the Giants won the World Series. The Giants organization seems saddened to see him go. For the most part, players liked him and respected him. It is debatable how much difference a manager makes. It is tough to quantify exactly what makes a good manager. However, if Hall of Famer is a guideline of a great manager, just wait a few years and you can count Bruce Bochy as one of the greats.

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