Predictions MLB 2019

Wild Card Round

AL Wild Card                                                                  NL Wild Card

Red Sox (95-67) Over A’s (91-91)                            Cardinals (93-69) Over Brewers (91-71)

Divisional Round

Astros (102-60) Over Red Sox (95-67)                 Dodgers (94-68) Over Cardinals (93-69)

Yankees (101-61) Over Indians (90-72)                 Cubs (94-68) Over Nationals (90-72)

Championship Round

Yankees (101-61) Over Astros (102-60)                Cubs (94-68) Over Dodgers (94-68)

World Series

Yankees (101-61) Over Cubs (94-68)

MLB Awards

Rookie of The Year AL: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. NL: Nick Senzel

Manager of The Year AL: Rocco Baldelli NL: Dave Martinez

CY Young AL: Trevor Bauer NL: Max Scherzer

MVP AL: Mike Trout NL: Paul Goldschmidt

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