Week 3

It was the week of new starting signal callers across the league. Some performed better than others and 3 of them picked up wins. Injuries and penalties are defining the season and neither of those things are ideal. 8 teams are still unbeaten, and 6 teams haven’t won their first game yet. We missed on 4 games this week as most of the favorites took care of business.

Titans 7 Jaguars 20 – Gardner Minshew and his mustache took over NFL Twitter this week. Jalen Ramsey and the defense had a good game in the win.

Lions 27 Eagles 24 – Offense, defense, and special teams all contributed for the undefeated Lions. The Lions had a field goal blocked but stopped the Eagles at midfield to seal the win.

Jets 14 Patriots 30 – Another classic win for the Patriots. They came out and had enough good drives to seal the deal early for their 3rd win to start the season.

Raiders 14 Vikings 34 – Adam Thielen caught a touchdown and ran for one in the win. The Vikings came back from the loss to the Packers with a great win.

Ravens 28 Chiefs 33 – Patrick Mahomes makes it look easy, and it seems to be getting easier for him every week. Mark Ingram had over 100 yards and scored 3 touchdowns as the Ravens put up the best challenge to the Chiefs so far.

Falcons 24 Colts 27 – Bad injuries and struggles on the defense were the story for the Falcons in 2018 and it looks like it is happening again this season. Meanwhile the Colts are putting together a case to be the surprise team of 2019.

Broncos 16 Packers 27 – Aaron Rodgers started another game off strongly, but then reverted to average. The Packers picked up a 3rd straight win and had another nice defensive game.

Dolphins 6 Cowboys 31 – The Dolphins were down 6-10 at the half in by far their best game of the season. Dak and Amari hooked up for 2 touchdowns as the Cowboys made easy work of the bye week.

Bengals 17 Bills 21 – The Bills picked up another win thanks to a touchdown from Frank Gore inside the final 2 minutes. The defense forced 4 turnovers in the win.

Giants 32 Buccaneers 31 – Daniel Jones showed some 4th quarter Eli magic in the victory. With the game on the line he scrambled into the end zone with a minute and a half left. The Bucs missed a last second field goal in another tough loss. Saquon will miss significant time with an injury.

Panthers 38 Cardinals 20 – When the Panthers have a passer who can throw the ball the difference is night and day. Kyle Allen threw the first 4 passing touchdowns of the Panthers season in the season saving win.

Steelers 20 49ers 24 – It was an ugly game with several turnovers in the 4th quarter but the 49ers are 3-0. Garoppolo threw the winning touchdown with 1:20 left on the clock.

Saints 33 Seahawks 27 – Probably the biggest surprise of the week. The Saints scored on defense and special teams and at one point led 27-7.

Texans 27 Chargers 20 – Both of these teams have played in some tight games already early in the year. Deshaun Watson wasn’t hit as much as usual and had a great game to hand the Chargers another heartbreaking loss.

Rams 20 Browns 13 – The Browns are once again a losing football team. All that talent and they managed 270 yards? That’s not going to cut it. The Rams won another sloppy game, but they are 3-0 and the defense played well.

Bears 31 Redskins 15 – Khalil Mack is a one-man wrecking crew and spent his night dominating the Redskins offensive line. Trubisky and Taylor Gabriel hooked up for 3 touchdowns as the Bears had their best game of the season.

Week 4 picks

Last Week: 12-4

So far: 22-10

Eagles Packers

Redskins Giants

Chargers Dolphins

Raiders Colts

Panthers Texans

Chiefs Lions

Patriots Bills

Browns Ravens

Titans Falcons

Buccaneers Rams

Seahawks Cardinals

Jaguars Broncos

Vikings Bears

Cowboys Saints

Bengals Steelers

BYE: 49ers, Jets

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