The NFL Head Coaching Carousel

This offseason a shocking 8 teams search for a new head coach, that is a quarter of the league! In the last few days three of those vacancies were filled with the Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Packers all finding their man. Here is a breakdown ranked by (in my opinion) the most lucrative jobs. Green Bay Packers 6-9-1- Matt LaFleur got the best job. Any team that has Aaron Rodgers at the helm is already in playoff positioning. Green Bay offered good job security to their last two coaches and Lafleur can bank on that if he has any success early. The rest of the roster has some holes on both sides of the ball, but they have the draft and money to spend. Cleveland Browns 7-8-1- Freddie Kitchens. It has been an extremely long time since anything about the Browns were appealing. Years of having picks in the top 5 seem to have payed off as this team is starting to look exciting. Baker Mayfield broke the record for most passing TDs by a rookie and the team closed out the season 5-3. 7-8-1 was the team’s best record since 2007. They need some seasoning and Baker will take a step back next year as teams figure him out, but this team has a high ceiling. New York Jets 4-12- Vacant. The next two are a tossup, but I’ll go with the Jets primarily because of their over 100 million dollars of cap space. They also draft third allowing them to simultaneously fill holes and plug weapons around Sam Darnold. New England’s reign is on it’s last legs and then the division will be up for grabs. Arizona Cardinals 3-13- Kliff Kingsbury takes over a team with a young QB, a first pick, and some veteran pieces. That and the team’s salary cap number (56 million) are the good news. The bad news is this team has a ton of holes and plays in a strong division. Then there is the young QB, Josh Rosen. It is too early to write him off but it can and probably does write off picking a QB with their pick. This might be a good thing as it is not a great QB draft. If you like Rosen then this job goes up a few spots.
Cincinnati Bengals 6-10 Vacant. Marvin Lewis held this job since 2003. Job security seems to be a given and they play in a division that was up for grabs this year. The team has some real talent in the secondary and a few weapons on offense. The question is Andy Dalton. The QB can play at an NFL level, but has lost all 4 of his playoff games. The new coach will have to decide if he is the answer going forward. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-11- Bruce Arians is making his return to coaching. This is my hot take pick. The Buccaneers have had promise for years and are now just a mess. The defense was atrocious and that alone drops them behind Cincinnati. I see a team with plenty of holes but also plenty of young talent. The main issue is Jameis. The QB has struggled with decision making and doesn’t seem to be the guy. Every once in a while he has a good enough game and it looks like he is growing and then it all falls apart. With the 5th pick they need to get Haskins and then spend the rest of the draft working on the defense.                                             Denver Broncos 6-10- Vacant. Elway hangs over this job. Like most of the other jobs, QB is a question. They boasted a strong rookie class with a huge performance from Phillip Lindsay and Bradley Chubb. Von Miller anchors their defense, but with the division seemingly locked up for years and Keenum as QB there are better job openings. Miami Dolphins 7-9- Vacant. Last and least are the Dolphins. The second best record of the 8, but a bad situation drops them to last. They don’t have cap room and the QB situation is a problem. Most of these openings the quarterback has another year to figure it out or is already finished in the eyes of the team. In Miami, Ryan Tannehill has some backers in the organization. With the team in a rebuild, but still finishing 7-9, this team has many more questions than answers.