Maya Moore

Every player, no matter how great, must eventually walk away. Some ride out on top, while others play for just a bit longer than they should. The reasons for retiring are usually to do with the injuries or the body not performing like it used to. Maya Moore’s body is fine, and her skills have hardly eroded. She is 29 years old and coming off another All-Star season. However, she won’t be playing in 2019. She wrote in the Players’ Tribune, “My focus in 2019 will not be on professional basketball, but will instead be on the people in my family, as well as on investing my time in some ministry dreams that have been stirring in my heart for many years.” The cynics will point out that Moore is in contract disputes with the Lynx and was just tagged as a “core player” (the equivalent of a Franchise Tag). They may have a point, but she isn’t going to go party in Miami like Le’Veon. In the prime of her career, Maya Moore is taking time off to go make a difference in her family and community. In an age where we often complain about athletes being all about the money, this is refreshing. Moore can still come back in 2020, but she has put aside 2019 for something different. Fans of the Lynx will be disappointed, but they should understand. It takes courage to shift gears, especially when your life is so public. It isn’t a hot take, but I commend Maya Moore. She may not score a point this season, but she is still an All-Star.